The Path Into Light
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The Path Into Light®

The Path Into Light® is the path to discovering your inner self. Have you forgotten who you really are? And have you wondered why happiness is so evasive? The answer is to find yourself and to open your heart to the world around you. Everything is there within you, but is waiting to be found and incorporated into your new flow of life.

The key to all happiness lies in your heart and originates in the love of everything and everyone around you. You do not have to search for godliness outside yourself: It is there within you, waiting to be realised. You will then be able to recognise in yourself the qualities of the Avatars, which are already alive within you.

The Path Into Light® will show you how to recognise your energy needs, and to match them to the everyday life outside. Once you have taken this path you will find greater joy and fulfilment in every moment of your life. Past and future will be less significant and each moment will become an experience of its own. Your life flow will help you to achieve more happiness and the strength to follow the path in adversity. This could be your great opportunity...