Path Into Light
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In order to recognise our path to our final destination, we must take account of our potentialities, realize what binds us, which special qualities we posess and to what extent we have realised their full possibilities. Then we must determine which supporting light contributions are required to strengthen us on our way.

For the first two days we will encounter our personal blockages and dissolve them, thus becoming freer and happier. We will discover that our efforts to this path into light already existed in former lives.

The third and fourth days of the seminar are devoted to the recognition of our path and to the dissolution of our old conditioning and habits. Simultaneously different levels of light become available to us. We will practice applying them to our everyday life.

On days five and six we become aware of our responsibility to the world around us, and begin to understand our unity with creation. The seminar concludes with the possibility of receiving additional information about our individual purpose and direction in life.