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Alpha Chi Consultants

Alpha Chi Consultants are being trained in the holy tradition of Agni. Admitted are those graduates from “The Path into Light” to whom it has become clear at the end of the seminar that this training is part of their spiritual development.
Access-level is the 8 th Chakra, the “level of natural law”, where the consultants can receive solution-oriented information, receive knowledge, perceive the flow of energies and transform it according to natural law.

Main topics of the training:

• Spiritual Consulting

This makes it possible for the Alpha Chi Consultant to professionally accompany people on their path of life. The spiritual consultation frees people from bonds, projections and wishful thinking and leads them result-oriented directly towards the goal and also towards realization on a higher level.

• Energetic Feng Shui

The participants learn to perceive energies in buildings and landscapes and also to immediately change these energies by using energetically active symbols.
Through this practice energetic ballast is allowed to flow off and to be transformed. Factors dangerous to your health such as electric fields will be closed off, and the life-energy (chi) will be attracted and elevated according to the needs of the user.
Old places of power will be healed, new places of power will be installed and big scopes of landscape will be harmonized.
The work with clients will be greatly supported through Body Feng Shui. With Body Feng Shui it is possible to dissolve old baggage and replenish the body’s own chi.

• Death Accompaniment

Bound souls will be guided into the light according to their own development.

• Communication with minerals, plants, animals and the spiritual world (angels, devas, guiding forces)

The training for Alpha Chi Consultants is very practical. Since the access to the “level of natural law” within the 8th chakra is accessible from the beginning of the training, it is possible to immediately put into use what one has learned and to incorporate it into ones business life from day one.

The final examination at the end of the training allows the participants to carry the registered title “Alpha Chi Consultant”.



For upcoming trainings please contact us.

Shiva Dharma Center
At Can San’s
2838 Beach Blvd. S.
Gulfport, FL 33707
Phone +1-727-327-4111

ACC Great Britan

Alpha Chi Consultant Training
Part 1: 21/03 - 26/03/2014
Part 2: 24/06 - 29/06/2014
Part 3: 05/09 - 10/09/2014

Venue: Starlight Centre, 3 New Street, Salisbury SP1 2PH, UK

Trainer: Deborah Reiter

Phone: +44 (0) 1722 414451
Fax: +44 (0) 1722 44456

ACC NL-Antilles I
new dates coming soon

Language: Dutch

Trainer: Giron Koetsier
Sentro di Kandela
Ficusweg 19
Netherlands Antilles

Fon: +5999-8681104
Mobil: +5999-5275379
Fax: +5999-8681104

ACC Sweden 1

new dates coming soon

Language: Swedish

Trainer: Dauri Neumann
Brocksgatan 6C
261 34 Landskrona

Fon: +46 418 22 762
Mobil: +46 73 08 11 446


ACC Taiwan

new dates coming soon

Lotus Shakti Center
No. 5, Neighborhood 14, Jinlun Village
Taimali Township, 963 Taitung County
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Mobile: ++886 912 728090

Trainer: Sam Yun Wolfersdorf
Languages: English and Chinese
Price: 197,000 NTD


ACC Greece
For upcoming trainings please contact us.
Truntis Licht- und Heilungszentrum
Trunti Lioudaki
P.O.BOX 4, Stratigon
20002 Krines, Korinthias
Phone: 0030 27420 34704, mobil 0030 6947398949

Language: Greek